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 We are an inclusive, not-for-profit, secular cooperative of homeschooling families with the common endeavor to enrich the education of our children. Our purpose, by combining our abilities as educators, is to provide classes and activities beyond the home that will engage students in a collaborative learning experience. 

Through our cooperative efforts we offer semester-long enrichment courses, selected by the students and parents, to students arranged into various age groups. We also coordinate regular educational group activities, such as field trips, talent exhibitions, presentations, and community service projects. The cooperative further serves as the foundation for supplementary support services which are directly related to membership involvement.

How it Works: 
--We meet at one location in Bartlett, TN on Tuesdays, for 10 weeks per semester.
      Fall Semester: mid-August to mid--December
      Spring Semester: mid-January to mid-May

--The children are divided into class groups based on age and/or abilities.  Placement is at the discretion of the child's parents and the Registration Director. You must have at least one school aged child to join.

--Each class group meets together for 3 different classes on each of 10 Tuesdays per semester.

--The 3 classes per group are chosen by vote with each child having one vote and each family having one parent vote per child (currently there is no vote for the classes offered for the children below school age).

--One parent from each family is expected to teach one class per semester.  Occasionally, instead of teaching, a parent may be asked to take on a different responsibility such as playground leader, photographer, hall monitor, or yearbook advisor.

--In addition we organize 1 Assembly Day per semester where the whole group participates in a day full of activities such as field trips, talent exhibitions, presentations, and community service projects, totaling 11 official co-op days each semester.

-Each family pays $130, per semester, to the general co-op fund to help pay for use of the facility, insurance, and other operating costs. There is a one time registration fee of $20 per family to cover the cost of a background check.  There may be additional fees for certain classes that need special materials.  Families pay for their own field trips and t-shirt costs (both optional).

--We also offer each other support and plan optional field trips and meet-ups.

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**When registering, you do not need to fill in the birthday, gender and location info the form requests.**

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